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Bishopbriggs School of Music's

Coronavirus Exit Strategy

Bishopbriggs School of Music - Coronavirus Exit Strategy
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We took the very hard decision to close the doors of our school building in March before the lockdown was made official by the Scottish Government. The safety of our students and tutors was the paramount consideration. However, as we listen to the Government briefings we grow more hopeful that things might change and we might get back tour beloved school. So in preparation, we have taken the following measures to protect all our students on our return to our 'New Normal.'

NEW Social Distancing Measures:


(1) All tutors will wear masks

(2) The tutor's temperature will be monitored/recorded.

(3) Lessons will be staggered to reduce social contact.

(4) All students will remain in their car until texted by the tutor.

(5) New 'One Way' System. 

(6) New Hand Washroom 

(7) All Music Rooms - designated Students/Tutors areas. 

(8) All Music Rooms will have a Perspex Shield.

(9) We will continue to use the ZOOM technology in classes.

Please watch the video for additional information. 

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