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After careful consideration and extensive discussions with RSL (Rockschool Limited), we have made the strategic decision to transition away from the current version of the RSL Learning Platform. We understand and appreciate all the efforts made with the current model, but we’ve encountered a series of challenges that have made it clear we need to explore a new, more reliable solution.

Over the past few months, our dedicated Management Team has put in tremendous effort, meeting with RSL both before and after the summer break to resolve the issues we’ve been facing with the Learning Platform. Despite our best efforts, it has become evident that the problems currently outweigh the benefits, with no clear resolution in sight. As a result, we have made the executive decision to seek a better, long-term solution.

Our primary goal is to provide your child with an exceptional learning experience—one that continues to harness the advantages of the Learning Platform without the accompanying headaches and frustrations. Through constructive negotiations, we have secured an exciting alternative for our students.

By following the instructions on this page your child will have access to digital versions of the Gradebook, tailored to their specific grade level. This digital resource will grant them access to the Learning Platform content aligned with their current grade.

While this transition does mean that tutors won’t be able to send homework directly or receive student recordings through the platform, we firmly believe it’s a significant step forward in enhancing your child’s learning experience with the Digital books and the Learning Platform. Furthermore, everyone who is currently on the platform will receive a FREE Digital copy of their current grade, so no time or resource will be lost.

Moving forward all books can be ordered through ASM - we are favouring the the New Digital Version of the Gradebook with access to the Learning Platform.


Please go to the RSL Awards online shop by clicking the button above.

  • Chose Shop Grade Books:

On the main page of the RSL Shop, click on ‘Shop Grade Books.’

  • Choose Your Music Discipline

On the left-hand side of the website, choose your musical discipline by clicking on it. 

  • Add the Digital Version to Your Cart:

Locate your current grade book and click on it. On the next page select the "digital version" of it. Add it to your shopping cart by clicking the respective button.

  •  View Your Shopping Cart:

Choose View Your Shopping Cart.

  •  Apply the Discount Code:

In your shopping cart, you will find a section on the right-hand side where you can enter a discount code. Please enter your unique code provided to you via text.

  •  Apply the Code:

After entering the code, click the "Apply Code" button. This action should reduce the total amount due to £0.

  •  PLEASE NOTE on Code Application:

If, on the first try, the code is rejected, please refresh the page and try again. Occasionally, Shopify's system experiences a glitch, and the second attempt usually resolves the issue.

  •  Complete Your Purchase:

Once you have successfully applied the code and the total shows as £0, proceed to fill in all your necessary details and complete the checkout process.

  •  Account Creation and Confirmation:

Upon successful completion of your purchase, an account will be automatically created for you. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and a separate 'Verification Email' (Please check your SPAM/JUNK Folder) which you will click and verify your new account, created with the email you have used to purchase the book. (PLEASE NOTE) This will be a different account from your previous RSL Learning Platform Account.


We hope this process is straightforward for you, and we appreciate your patience if you encounter any minor issues with the code application. If you face any difficulties during the process or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance on 07483 941520.
Thank you
Peter, Lee & Katie 
Ayr School of Music

Please follow the instructions below or watch the quick video tutorial

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