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Bishopbriggs School of Music's 'Online Music Programme'

The Coronavirus has changed life for all of us. We know that self isolating at home can be stressful, repetitive and boring.  However today we want to offer you a solution for those lockdown blues.  

It’s a choice to stimulate, educate and entertain. And an opportunity to stave off the monotony and develop a lifelong skill.  

So take control of this negative situation by making the positive decision to join the Bishopbriggs School of Music’s, Online Music Programme. 

Although our school building is temporarily closed, our music lessons have continued uninterrupted.  These online coaching sessions are already a fantastic success, with the majority of our students remaining with their studies online 

What’s more, we have welcomed a growing number of new students everyday.  And the feedback on these lessons from students and parents alike has been amazing.  

So whether you want to learn to play the guitar, the piano, the bass guitar, the drums, the ukulele, the saxophone, the clarinet, the flute or develop a great singing voice, our one to one online sessions are for you.  

Book your block of lessons today and get one free.  All you have to do is call 0141 772 4333 

We have the technology. We have the teaching skills. There will be no better time, don’t delay, come and join the Bishopbriggs School of Music’s, Online Music Programme

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and make that call today, 0141 772 4333.

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